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brad  bombardier


Three Movements for Brass Trio, Op.3 (1981)

      I. March of the Separate Lamp Parts

      II. Choral: "Hail to the Beautiful"

      II.v With Three You Get Waltz

      III. Quickstep and Variations

tpt, tbn, tuba

winner, Wisconsin Music Teacher's Association Composition Competition, collegiate level, 1981

(reconstructed for tpt, hn, tbn, and movement II.v added 2/2018)

April Second, Op.4 (1982)

handbells, keyboard percussion, optional tape

Three Movements for Brass Quintet (Brass Quintet No.1), Op.7 (1983)


Fantasie uber Katermagenstücke: the Pretension of Fashion, Op.11 (1984)

organ, 7 percussion

winner, Bowling Green State University Composition Competition, 1984

winner, Chevy Chase Presbyterian Church Composition Competition, 1986


“,,,the understanding of the mists.” Op.20 (1987)

keyboard ensemble, suspended handbells, percussion


episode 2, Op.22 (1987)

percussion sextet


Tales from “The Martian Chronicles”: Seven Scenes from the Work of Ray Bradbury, Op.25 (1987)

(by permission of Ray Bradbury)

fl/pic/bfl, cl/bcl/handbells, bsn/prayer stones/handbells, viola/chimes/xylo/handbells,

cello/wind chimes/vibes/handbells, percussion (onstage), percussion (offstage), soprano


String Quartet No.1, Op.26 (1987)


String Quartet No.2, Op.32 (1988)


String Quartet No.3, Op.35 (1988)


String Quartet No.4, Op.44 (1989)

recorded by the Highland String Quartet on KMS CD 001

(Hear this piece on the "listen" page of this website)


Ajawaan (Brass Quintet No.2), Op.58 (1991)

commissioned by the Indiana Brass Quintet through a DSACF grant;

recorded by them on KMS CD 001

(Hear this piece on the "listen" page of this website)


Fanfare for the Common Loon, Op.66 (1992)

3 trumpets or 2 trumpets, 2 horns, 2 trombones, snare drum


String Quartet No.5 (“Russian”), Op.71 (1993)

commissioned by the Quapaw String Quartet, Little Rock, Arkansas


“The ravens have gathered.” Op.79 (1993)

organ, 3 percussion

commissioned by Paul Danilewski


“Ich habe auf die Bergen gestanden...” Op.82 (1994)

clarinet and 'cello

commissioned by Julie Tarnowski and Sienna Berini


Night on Walton Mountain, Op.87 (1994)

10 violas

commissioned by Richard Severing and the Northern Wisconsin Summer Music Festival 24

hours before the performance



commissioned by William Van Druten for the Northwind Brass Quintet, Duluth, MN

A Lowell Fanfare, Op.103 (1996)

multiple pianos

commissioned by the Lowell Music Magnet School

(renamed by Lowell School to “Lake Superior Fanfare”)


In Memoriam, Op.134 (2007)

bassoon/contrabassoon, clarinet/bass clarinet, piano

commissioned by Jennifer Gerth in memory of her parents


Bassoon Rawk, Op.137 (2008)

written for Dr. Jefferson Campbell

solo bassoon, 7 bassoons, contrabassoon

(also for solo bassoon, AAATTTBB saxophones)

recorded for future release (all bassoon parts) by Jefferson Campbell


into the silent water, Op.138 (2008 - withdrawn)

2 bass clarinets, bassoon, baritone saxophone 


Ride of the Wokabülarye, Op.142 (2010)

flute/piccolo/alto flute and baritone saxophone

commissioned by Joseph Wilson and Kayla Berry (commission fee = one bottle of Macallan 18)


into the silent water, Op.152 (2016)

4 'celli, 3 bassoons, contrabassoon


To Mend Each Tattered Faith, Op.152 (2017)

flute choir: pic/Eb/8 fl/2 afl/b fl

commissioned by Melanie Sever for the North Wind Flute Choir (commission fee = one 

bottle of Booker Noe bourbon)

Some Music With Several Tangential Relationships To A Starling Murmuration, Op.158 (2017)

Eb/alto flute, alto/tenor sax, piano

(Hear this piece on the "listen" page of this website)

Arrangement in Black and Silver, Op.159a (2018)

(instrumental version of "to kiss you again" Op.159)

soprano saxophone, English horn, piano

(Hear this piece on the "listen" page of this website)

Rearrangement in Silver and Silver, Op.159b (2019)

version for soprano saxophone, alto flute, and piano

Fractal Rainbow, Op.161 (2018)

flute, English horn, alto saxophone

(Hear this piece on the "listen" page of this website)

noctilucent dreams, op.165 (2019)

flute choir: 10 fl (fl1-5 = pic 1-5)/2 afl/bfl

written for Melanie Sever and the North Wind Flute Choir

Fantasy on Siegfried's Horn Call (Wagner), Op.164 (2018)

9 French horns

written for Deb Rausch and Northland's Finest Horn Choir

Divertimento for Trombone and String Bass, Op.166 (2019)

commissioned by Tim and Leslie Churchill for their son Jackson's senior recital 

at Luther College, fall 2019

Work TBA for alto flute, English horn, bass clarinet, and piano, Op1xx (20xx)

(for performance in the summer of 2020; in planning)