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brad  bombardier


For no particular reason, here is a list of the instruments I currently own and on which I perform:


Armstrong: C foot, silver headjoint. Gift from Keith Zumbrunnen


Benward: grenadilla. Really old. Works occasionally.

     Reeds: anything that works.


Fox Model 101 (1976): Yugoslavian maple body, silver plated keywork to high E, 14 rollers

     Bocal: Heckel VCC2 (Z)

     Modifications: custom black ash bell ring by Paul Nordby

                               high A bridge key and LH thumb lock by Gene Beckwith

     Reeds: Roemhildt Reeds yellow and red styles www.roemhildtreeds.com

(I used to own a contrabassoon (Fox #242) that I purchased new in 1989. I subsequently sold it to my first

bassoon teacher, Mark Romatz, who is currently the contra player with the Metropolitan Opera. I may not have made it to the "Big Show", but my contra sure did!)



Backun Protege Bb: cocobolo body, gold plated keywork.

Selmer Paris Full Mazzeo System Bb (1966): grenadilla body. Gift from Keith Zumbrunnen.

Evette & Schaeffer Paris Bb (1972): grenadilla body.

Selmer Paris Series 10 A (1973): grenadilla body.

     Mouthpiece: Richard Hawkins custom

     Reeds: Legere 2.5 synthetic, Mitchell Luyre 3 cane

     Ligature: vintage Sumner Acousticut

ALTO (yes, alto):

Yamaha YCL-230 synthetic body.

     Mouthpiece: Selmer C*

     Reed: Legere 2.5 synthetic


Buffet: (1935), grenadilla body, to low Eb. Works like a charm.

     Mouthpiece: Selmer C*

     Reeds: Legere 2.75 synthetic, LaVoz Medium cane



P. Mauriat Custom Class System 76, 2nd Edition: matte silver body, gloss silver keywork, engraved,

     straight and tipped necks   

     Mouthpiece: Selmer C*

     Reed: Hemke 2.5

     Ligature: Rico H


Buffet Super Dynaction (1973)

     Mouthpieces: Selmer C*, Jody Jazz HR* 6M

     Reeds: Legere 2.25, 2.5 synthetic, Hemke 2.5 cane

     Ligatures: Vandoren M/O pink gold (C*), Rico H (Jody)


Tenor Madness: custom built by Randy Jones. Gloss silver body and keywork . High F#, fully engraved.

     TM 500SL nickel plated neck with gold accents, rolled tone holes.

     Mouthpieces: Selmer C*, Meyer 6M rubber, Brilhart LevelAire 5 metal, Vandoren V45 metal

     Reeds: Legere 2.25, 2.5 synthetic, Hemke 2.5 cane

     Ligatures: Rico H (classical), Rico Olegature (rock, jazz)

     RH thumb rest by Tino Schacht

     Imitation rhinestone bling from Claire's!

This is simply the finest instrument of any kind that I have ever played. Period.


Cannonball Big Stone Series: Black Ice lacquer, to low A, 2 necks.

     Mouthpieces: Selmer C*, E; Geo. Bundy 4 (no kidding!), Meyer 6M rubber

     Reeds: Legere 2.25 synthetic, Hemke 2.5 cane

     Ligature: Vandoren M/O matte bronze finish

     This is the Darth Vader of saxophones.

                  "There's no place in rock and roll for major sevenths or glockenspiels."

                                                                                          - B. Bombardier